In light of some recent media attention we’ve received over the pumpkin theft that occurred on our farm this past fall, we’d like to respond and share our feelings about what has taken place.

Unfortunately, pumpkin thefts happen at the farm.  During our haunted events, sheriffs are always here at the farm to ensure a safe environment.  On this particular night one of the sheriffs witnessed 2 individuals, leaving the haunts, stealing pumpkins from our displays on their way out to the parking lot.  The sheriff stopped the individuals and gave them citations for shoplifting.

Later at their pre-trial, the sheriffs offered them a plea deal and, in turn, would drop the charges, much like the sheriffs do for other small misdemeanor cases, such as traffic violations.  Though admitting their guilt, the 2 chose to fight the case.

They brought the story to the media as if we were pressing charges – fighting for the few dollars we didn’t receive.  We, in truth, are not the ones pressing charges & have asked for nothing.  The fight has been between them and the county.  We do feel we should support our law enforcement and greatly appreciate all they do to keep our business and our customers safe & secure.  Despite all that has happened, we hope they will continue to enforce the law at our farm, year after year.

We hurt for the 2 whose small theft has been made so public, but feel they and their lawyer have chosen this path.  Unfortunately, because of how the story was first presented, it has resulted in some negativity toward our business and our family.  To us, this unfortunate incident is not about the money.  Though the sale of pumpkins is a very important part of our short, seasonal business, we often make large donations of pumpkins to many charitable organizations.  We are in business to make money, to grow our business, but what matters most to our family is being true to our faith & our values.  We thank each & every customer, employee, friend & family member who has supported us through this tough time.

Kevin & Kirsten McCall